The type of the Erasmus+ CBHE project:  Joint Project (JP) Curriculum  Development


The topic of the project:   Internationalizing Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)


The EU countries:  the UK, Germany, Greece.

Partner countries: Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia.

The duration of the project is three years (36 months), from February 2020 to February 2023.

Grant: 997 611 Euros

The main approach taken in the project is the modernization and development of key modules in the area of Agriculture and Forestry, which is a common regional priority for all partner countries (PCs).

The project thus targets strengthening the regional cooperation between Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia, as well as creating new perspectives for international cooperation between these countries and the EU, also facilitating the overall reform of the national systems of higher education.

The goal of this project is to increase the quality and accessibility of higher education in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia via internationalizing Master programmes in Agriculture and Forestry. This will be achieved by bringing the programmes in line with EU quality standards where appropriate, introducing English Medium Instruction (EMI) and promoting blended learning delivery.

The Wider Objective of the Project is:

  • to contribute to the modernization and internationalization of the societies in Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia via enhancing their capacities in internationalizing Master programs by bringing them to the EU quality standards, introducing English Medium Instruction (EMI), and blended learning delivery.
  • to promote the mobility of students and academic staff between Asian and European universities oriented to Agriculture and Forestry
  • to improve the accessibility of HE, especially for the most vulnerable groups
  • to promote the development of joint degrees (double/multiple degrees).

   The Specific Project Objectives (SPO):

  1. Develop a new model for internationalizing graduate programs in the area of Agriculture and Forestry based on English Medium Instruction (EMI) and blended learning delivery.
  2. Enhance teaching capacities at the PC HEIs via re-training staff and modernizing teaching resources using a multidisciplinary approach.
  3. Design a multi-lingual e-learning capacity for master students to improve access to teaching/learning resources internationally.
  4. Develop and introduce new modules into the PC HEIs’ masters’ curricula, to be delivered via English Medium Instruction (EMI) and blended learning, in accord with the EU quality standards.
  5. Create potential for internationalization via increasing international academic mobility.